The Regulatory Committee has the objective of being a forum for discussion of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) regulatory matters applicable to platforms, offshore support vessels, specialized vessels, hydrocarbons transport ships, etc., and that are relevant to NBCC members.


The focus will be on regulations and procedures of the Maritime Authority (Navy) both helideck and marine; of DECEA (Air Space Control Dept. of the Air Force); of Ministry of Labour (except immigration); of IBAMA / CONAMA; of ANP.


Our meetings will be held at approx. 2 months intervals unless a new regulation is published and there is interest in discussing it immediately.

Opportunities for members

The  activities  of  the  Regulatory  Committee  are  directed  to members engaged in shipbroking, chartering, construction, operation of platforms, offshore vessels, hydrocarbons transport/ storage ships and will enable members to have a better understand of the Brazilian HSE regulations and to discuss the difficulties they have experienced in implementing them.


Whenever possible, the Regulatory Committee will distribute to NBCC members papers containing a summary of the matters discussed at meetings. Providing NBCC members with sources for research and references to articles on the matters dealt with at meetings will be oneof the committee’s tasks

Coordinator RJ

Rafael Baleroni – Souza Cescon Advogados

Vice Coordinator RJ

Alexandre Calmon – Vieira Rezende Advogados

Coordinator São Paulo

Bruno Werneck – Mattos Filho Advogados

Vice Coordinator São Paulo

Camila Borba Lefèvre, Vieira Rezende Advogados


For further information please contact:

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